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Here is proof that some people should
not be allowed in the Home Depot:

New! Sideways trap

Breakers keep tripping,
so let's take them out.

Eventually it will become a concrete wall.
Equipped with weep holes....

If one trap is good, why not put in two?

The down spout can't handle the heavy rain?
Then let's help it....

To install an attic vent fan you'll need the following...
drywall, sheet metal, fiberglass batting, wire ties,
electrical tape, duct tape and nails

Maybe he should have bought some shorter nails.

Sideways trap - Version II.....

And then we have the upside-down trap....

Leaky drain? Out of duct tape?
Then use electrical tape...

If they can hold you up
then why not the awning?

How about a long flexible elbow?

No place to put the sink? Then let's make it
a combination sink and shower....

Missed it by a foot? Why not use a bunch
of spare electrical boxes?

Shower ceiling too low?
Not a problem....

No comment required....

No place to plug-in?
Just get out the trusty soldering iron...


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