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Subject:Waterskiers set new world record (5 Photos)

Waterskiers set new world record as 145 people are pulled behind a single boat

Dozens of water-skiers have set a new world record after 145 people were pulled behind a single boat.

Some 154 skiers from around the world gathered in Macquarie Harbour in Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania for the record attempt.

The skiers needed to stay upright for a full nautical mile in order to qualify for the record books.

But even though nine unlucky participants were unable to last the distance, the 145 who did manage to remain on their skis easily beat the previous record of 114.

That world record was set by the same team in the same place two years ago.

Organisers modified the 114ft-long World Heritage Cruises catamaran Eagle in order for it to drag the small army of water enthusiasts behind it.

The 3,000 horsepower craft was fitted with different propellers and a 308ft-long aluminium boom to prevent the skiers' ropes from tangling.

The youngest entrant, Alexandria Seaton, was just 12 years old.

Perfect weather conditions last Friday helped the record breakers achieve their objective.

The record is expected to be confirmed by Guinness World Records officials, who witnessed the event, in the coming weeks.

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