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Subject:Biggest Great White Shark (4 Photos)

Biggest Great White Shark ever caught now thats a big fish

Caught off the coast of Mexicos Guadalupe Island an expedition crew has hauled up and released what the team says is the biggest great white shark yet caught. Talk about a big fish the 17.9footlong (5.5meterlong) male behemoth breaks the previous record of 16.8 feet (5.1 meters) set when they caught a female great white named Kimel. The two ton Apache put up a fight at one point breaking free from his barbless hook, but once on board, the researchers fitted the fish with a satellite tracking tag, took a blood sample, and released him, watching him vigorously swim away. Biggest Shark May Help Crack Mysteries Apaches real value would be in helping to resolve the lingering mysteries of great white behavior. Seems like he is already planning the next encounter, he will eat the next diver he comes across. You can watch Shark Men Biggest and Baddest premiering at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday, May 8, to see Apache in his first starring role on TV.

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