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Subject:The dark side of Mount Everest (11 Photos)

The dark sideof Mount Everest

Climb that mountain is on the list of "things to do before death" very many people. For many,
unfortunately, it becomes "the last thing they failed to do so before his death." None of this
does not speak loudly, but still dead bodies in arrears climbing on routes serving as guideposts.

The above is called "green shoe" and is one of many who have been given "name."

Today, virtually anyone can go to the top, which costs from 25 to 65 thousand. dollars. Sometimes
the price is life, and when crossing the height of 8000 m above sea level. You are already at the
limit capacity of the organism. Many of the climbers denatów who are on the way to the summit
decided to take a nap for a while. He never woke up, and so far are in the same position as when
they fell asleep. For many climbers, it is their view was the biggest obstacle in getting up. At
the top is more than 200 bodies, and those that are there for fifty years, are preserved by cold
weather so well, as if lying there since yesterday.

The body of legendary English climber George Mallory who disappeared in 1924, found only in 1999.
So far it is unknown whether the case is not won on the first Mount Everest.

- Take me out - I do not want to die - krzycz?a this woman. Unfortunately, they ended up longer
needed oxygen, and the weather became too dangerous for them. They had to leave her.

They returned several years later to symbolically bury her. Her name is Francys Arsentiev, more
about this story in Wikipedia . Why do more people want to climb to the top of the highest
mountain in the world? Because he is there.

Categories of funny emails / Scary Stuff / The dark side of Mount Everest

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