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Subject: 10 Pics To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Little Afghan boy with a plastic bag Messi jersey final gets to meet his hero.

Girl wish Autism spends her 18th birthday alone, however, on her 19th birthday
she receives 10,000 birthday cards from around the world, including one from Nasa
and one from the state of Ohio.

A 44-year-old homeless man in Bankok returned a wallet he found with tons of
cash in it. As a reward he was hired as a factory worker and given an apartment
to live in.

This Irish waiter received a $750 tip so he could travel home for Christmas
to see his girlfriend who is expecting.

These men cut the grass for free for people who can't do it for themselves anymore.

This goose wouldn't stop biting at this officer until she followed her to rescue
her baby who was trapped.

This boy saved up his summer money to buy books for the prison in his hometown.

This construction worker hides a Waldo cut out on his job site somewhere new
every day so that kids at the children's hospital can spot him.

This Dutch woman saved a kid who was left to die because the town's people
thought his parents were witches.

This man with a service dog was denied jobs everywhere until Lowe's hired them both.

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