Categories of funny emails / Religious / 10 Pics To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Subject:10 Pics To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

A special-ed teacher invites her entire class to her wedding.

A father who had to fly with his daughter on Halloween gives fellow passengers candy to hand out.

These police found this old couple crying at a supermarket and decided to come to their house and make them pasta.

Little girl puts on a tea party for the policeman who saved her life.

Women dress up like princesses in court for 5-year-old's adoption hearing.

Father helps his son walk for the first time.

Guys smashes the window of a BMW to save a dog.

These triplets made are best friends with their garbage men.

Little girl makes a birthday cupcake for her favorite garbage man.

Little boy with eye disease sees his mother for the first time.

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