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Subject:Ferrari owner tries to run over NYPD cop

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Face it, we all hate parking tickets. Sure some issued are out of line but for the most part, you live in the city, you did something wrong and it's a cost of living expense -period. However when you're internet entrepreneur Julien Chabbott with a Ferrari 458 Italia... and your girlfriend is ├╝ber-hot jetfighter Stephanie Pratt of MTV's The Hills apparently there isn't enough cash left over to afford the fine. So what do you do when you are a 98-pound hipster with an attitude? You try and run over an NYPD cop, of course. Yup that's right, a crowd of people witnessed a situation that occurred in the Soho district of New York City that really never should have happened. First, in the driver's defence witnesses say that his car was parked in front of a hotel and that the valet had the keys. Typically this isn't "legal" parking but valets are present to move cars and they never stick around long. But when the owner noticed he was being issued a parking ticket, he runs his mouth, storms into his Ferrari and fires it up. Even though officer Felix Recio tells him to stop, he proceeds forward. Finally, the Recio had enough and slams the window twice... stuff just got real. The cop then proceeds to fling open the unlocked door, which slams into a yellow cab. The driver was flipped around and slammed onto his rear fender where scratches are seen afterward. Another cop arrives as the driver is then tossed to the ground, arrested and cuffed for assaulting a police officer. The driver remains on the ground, either in pain or just too embarrassed to face the internet. We have to admit, we did LOL at the strategic pylon placement at 1:54. Regardless, arguing over a ticket with a cop is a bad idea and it never improves your odds. Or better yet, if you are a roller with a 458 Italia just pay the ticket or your big ticket lawyer to make it go away.

Watch The YouTube Online Video of this Event

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