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Subject:How To Simplify Every Day PROBLEMS (19 Photos)
1. Keep Your Tube Clean

All you need is two Q-tips and two rubber bands for an awesome homemade toothpaste squeezer.

2. Tunes To Go

Carry your music with you on your next run with this easy to make sock sleeve.

3. Java Jacket

That sock sleeve will also make a great coffee koozie.

4. Save Fridge Room By Stacking Your Six Pack

Clamp a binder clip to the fridge tray to keep the beers in place.

5. Stop Searching For The Tiny “L” and “R”

Tie a knot in your left or right bud so you always know which ear it belongs to.

6. Drip-Proof Painting

Place a rubber band around your paint can to scrape of excess paint.

7. Save Your Fingers

Use your free comb from picture day to hang the picture you took!

8. A Faster Fold

It’s the 21st century, start folding your t-shirts like it.

9. Bagel Mate

Keep your bagel sandwich fresh with an old CD case.

10. Tape Tip

Never struggle to find the end of the tape roll again.

11. Key Key

Mark your keys with a coat of nail polish.

12. Cord Keeper

Place this cool knot between cords to keep them from coming unplugged.

13. Drill Spill

Catch drill debris with a folded sticky note

14. If You Travel With A Suit, This Will Save Your Life

15. Tangle Free Jewelry

Slide your jewelry through a straw to keep it organized.

16. Elevator Express

Stop Stopping at every floor.

17. A Better Twist Tie

Save old water bottle tops to keep bagged items fresh.

18. Bag Box

Keep plastic bags in an neat and accessible empty kleenex box.

19. When You Run Out Of Gas

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