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Subject:10 Fascinating Photos

20,000$ view at the Super Bowl

Beer prices at Super Bowl 50

The NFL allocates $5,000 per ring to the Super Bowl-winning team
for the franchise to contract a jeweler to make up to 150 rings
for the players, coaches and other personnel in the organization,
according to Any cost incurred beyond that amount
and the team has to foot the bill, which they usually do.

A road sign warns drivers that they may encounter pedestrians
who are deeply absorbed in their smartphones, in Stockholm, Sweden

The Titanic compared to a modern Cruise Ship

An empty 787

Christie Brinkley turns 62. This picture is from November

Mount Rushmore before the carving

A cougars final resting place

This $40,000 Robotic Exoskeleton Lets the Paralyzed Walk

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