My dream since I was a kid was to have a small cabin and make my own power. I bought a small cabin in the mountains and I built a windmill to make my own power and I am starting to live my dream.

WindMills can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size you want. After I did some research online I loved the windmills many companies offered for sale but I found them expensive so I decided to save hundreds of dollars and make my own. Here is how I built a homemade wind turbine that produces electricity for under $200.

I bought a DC Ametek motor off ebay for about $60 then I bought 6 x 29" Wind Turbine Blades that can take winds of 275 miles/hour or 440 km/hr That included the center hub for about $65 also on ebay.

I used some extra wood I had to make the frame beam and fin.

I used 2 large clamps and a metal bracket to attach the DC motor to the wood beam.

I bought a swivel wheel and took off the wheel and drilled a hole through the center for the power wire to go through and installed the wood beam to the swivel bracket so the windmill can turn 360 degrees.

I asked a neighbour if I could have the old 30 foot TV antenna tower that they didn't use anymore and was given it for free.

I got a rectangular piece of metal welded on the circle top of the TV tower the size of the swivel wheel for $10 at a local garage and drilled a hole through the center for the wire to go down the pipe. I also drilled 4 holes to bolt the windmill to the tower.