My dream since I was a kid was to have a small cabin and make my own power. I bought a small cabin in the mountains and I built a waterturbine to put in my steam on my land to make my own power and start to live my dream.

When I saw a stream going through my land I started thinking that it could be great for making power so I started looking for a water turbine to buy. After I did some research online I loved the water turbines I found but they were all expensive so after looking I decided to save hundreds of dollars by making my own. Here is how I made a homemade water turbine that produces electricity for under $200.

Using a jigsaw, I cut two circles out of plywood. I then made 5 sections and attached them to the 2 circles.

Then I attached 2 pully wheels that I bought at the local hardware store on each side with zipties.

I made 2 frames and attached 2 DC Ametek motors that I bought from ebay one on each side.

I attached both sides to the circle center

Watch a video of my homemade water turbine that produces electricity.