Propane is a great energy source. It can be used for many household needs from heating your home to powering your fridge.
Even if you are not off the grid if you set up things in your house or cabin with propane this will help you to be prepared for large power outages or disasters. The propane tank only needs to be filled once every few months depening on how much propane you use. Sometimes it is good to get two propane tanks if more propane is used. If there is a huge power outage in your area and you have your appliances and heating system set up on propane your cabin or house will be running like normal.

You can install a propane fireplace inserted in your old wood burning fireplace or in any room you choose.

It is a great way to heat your cabin on or off the grid.

Most fridges take a lot of power to run nonstop. Many people off the grid run their fridge with propane. Many fridges that run on propane also have the option to run on electric power.

A propane gas range oven is a great choice on or off the grid.