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Subject:3000 Year Old Ancient City Discovered (10 Photos)

A 3000 Year Old Ancient Underground City Discovered
In Turkey Is The Work Of Master Craftsmen

A guy in Turkey wanted to make his cellar bigger and suddenly found himself in an underground city.

The city is about 3000 years old and could hold up to 20 000 people hiding from Persians.

Now part of the city is available for viewing as they opened a part of it to tourists.

The city had wine cellars, kitchens, schools, stores and even cemeteries.

It had a surprisingly good ventilation system suitable for thousands of people and animals.

The even had a well a shaft they stored water in case of being cut off from the outside world.

As you can see some passages are narrow and have some kind of stone doors. That's a measure to stop, or at least slowdown, attackers.

The people used tunnels to travel unseen...

and ropes to bring animals to the city.

Archaeologists think the city has a lot more levels and secrets to discover still.

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