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Subject:Fascinating Photos Of Our World (14 Photos)

Blood vessels of the head

Same guy, same dog. Grover Krantz donated his body to science. His skeleton was articulated along with the skeleton of one of his beloved dogs and displayed in the Smithsonians national Museum of Natural History.

A new lego compatible prosthetic arm allows for kids to build their own attachments.

Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil Border

The Mountain next to his relatives

Biggest Great White ever recorded

Anti-Paparazzi scarf that ruins photos by affecting flash photography

Before and After the carbomb in Baghdad

The Seiko TV Watch, 1982

An empty 787

Incredible Firework!

This is a list on the back of the whole Foods Loss Prevention room door of excuses that people have used when getting caught shoplifting.

Mosha, the elephant injured by a landmine, receives new prosthetic leg.

Inside an MRI Machine

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